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It’s Major label Standard Music Promotion, All Year Round and for a Fraction of the Cost

The Music Herd is a brainchild of a group of music industry professionals wanting to create something for the indie artist…actually any artist!

We have worked with major labels on 7 figure campaigns involving projects such as increasing online monetization through Spotify streaming, gaining higher view counts or even viral social campaigns to interact with fans.

We have taken the same resources including the same networks, relationships and applied the same strategy to create a step by step guide to take any artist from A-B. Rather than pay thousands without any guarantee or receive an invoice at the end of an unsuccessful campaign, we have made this 100% affordable and accessible to anyone by creating a subscription-based service that keeps the traction going all year round.

Whether charting on Billboard or simply building that first fanbase, we have the resources and the know how to take you where you want to go.  Simply choose a package that works with your objectives and your budget and you can begin!

*Please Note: We keep this service selective, therefore each submission is screened by us personally. Please submit below.

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