If you still have any questions that are unanswered, please drop us an email at info@themusicherd.com


What kind of playlists will you pitch to?

We have thousands of playlists within our network. This consists of mostly third party and branded playlists. We can pitch songs to Spotify Editorials directly, however they are often looking for certain key performance indicators and in our experience, we have seen better results from targeting highly involved targeted playlists optimised for growth.

The playlists and curators we deal with most are the branded and third-party independent lists. This is the driving force behind most artists success as these playlists generate high engagement and are a huge contributing factor to the Spotify algorithm like Discover Weekly and Viral Hits.

For more information on the playlists with deal with, check out some of our pitching partners such as www.listdmusic.com – currently the largest indie curator on Spotify.

Are these streams/engagement fake?

Our playlists are tested, engaged, organic and 100% real. We have taken certain precautions, including using patented software to pressure test each one of our playlists that enter our network. This means we can see how many listeners the playlist is gaining and where the streams are coming from. Doing this we are able to find the engagement ratio on each playlist, and rule out any playlists that are dead or have any affiliation with bots or fake followers. Our network is highly engaged and users often listen to each playlist from start to finish, this is why our selection process is quite strict.

While we can guarantee that you will see traction from our playlists, we cannot guarantee that fans will love the music, so results may vary depending on the genre and how the song compares overall to others in a similar space.

Why do you need my payment details even before approving?

For our service we have adopted a payment model that allows us to deal with multiple artists at once, developing more fruitful partnerships with curation network while still offering such a competitive price to our clients.

In doing this, our team is reviewing hundreds of artists each day and having everything within our internal system ensures that no artists fall through the tracks. We align all our artists in conjunction with their Paypal ID to ensure that each client is looked after and our accounts team can operate at optimal capacity.

If you have any issues regarding this, please email our support team at info@themusicherd.com. have ‘Accounts’ in the subject line so that we can fast track your inquiry

How come the price is so low compared to other PR companies?

Our model is about dealing with multiple artists at once to develop segments and niches which we can pitch to our curation networks. Doing this we are able to pitch entire groups to curation teams rather than just single artists. What really makes a playlist work and keeps users engaged is having multiple songs that incorporate a certain theme and by identifying these segments we are able to

a) Become a higher priority to curators and actually help them increase engagement

b) Provide a premium service to our clients at a very competitive price while still getting results seen by major labels and dealing with the same networks.

The best part is, the more the Herd increases, the more pipelines we able to develop – offering more packages and affordable opportunities for our clients to gain amazing results.

Can I stop at anytime?

Yes, you can stop your campaign at anytime. If you no longer wish to pay, simply log into your Paypal and cancel your recurring payment. If you need assistance, you can email us at info@themusicherd.com and have ‘accounts’ in the subject line. From there we can disable the payment for you.

We do ask that you notify us if you cancel your campaign, so that our team can update our database and ensure nothing is missed.

How many streams will I get from this?

This is hard to say as it really depends on how the song works within our network. We try not to give clients any set number as while we can guarantee they will receive engagement, we cannot predict whether fans will fall in love with the track and save it. Some campaigns may see anywhere from 100k from a given playlist add, some may see way less. We will remain transparent as we can through the reporting and if you are not seeing the traction you desire, we can look at the stats and figure out a strategy to get you there.

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