We Are a New Breed of Music Promotion

Streaming has now become the primary way people consume music. We, at TheMusicHerd, are obsessed with it. We live and breath for playlists, promotion and streaming strategy.

We have developed unique technology and tools to help us analyse and promote music. We have built relationships with some of the most important gatekeepers in streaming and worked alongside some of the biggest and best artists in the game.

Our experienced team have been working with various major and independent labels but there is a big problem, good streaming promotion is expensive, so expensive that in reality only the major labels and big indies really get a look in.

The knock-on effect of this is that the indie market has become flooded with unaccountable companies making false promises, using fake streams and under-hand tactics to deliver questionable results for sky-high prices.

It’s time to change all that. We have developed a new, transparent and totally flexible model for music promotion in the streaming era. Our service aims to give you your own digital marketing team, with all the power of the majors, at a fraction of the price and importantly, without the false promises.

This is for artists everywhere, not just those with a huge budget to blow.

We are on a mission to put the power, technology and relationships of the major labels into the hands of as many artists as possible. It’s time for a new breed of music promotion.

Having been in private beta for some time, we have had the chance to try out these services with a select group of clients and the results have been staggering.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing an artist we work with succeed and take their career to the next level. Check out our packages, find one that suits you and send us your music to listen to.

Artists accepted can expect to start seeing results quickly and there is no huge price tag or long-term commitment.

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